About us

Hello visitor, I am very glad that you are here to know more about prodigyowl. This page is specifically created to introduce the aspects and main idea behind the making of this website to keen visitors like you.

What is Prodigyowl?

Prodigyowl is basically a blog about techniques of Search Engine Optimization, you can find a wide collection of post explaining ranking methods in search engines like google, bing, Yahoo etc. Articles are written such that even a layman find it easy to understand. Articles and posts are written to increase the enquiring instinct of normal human being.

The motive behind the creation of Prodigyowl

No doubt that earning money is one of the main reason for running a blog, we are no exception in that. But apart from that we also contain some other important motive such as,

  • A blog is a public platform and can be used to reach needy people. Therefore we always try post information-rich content to spread knowledge.
  • posts are published to familiarize readers with Search Engine Optimisation and to explore in this domain for continuous growth

Meet the man behind Prodigyowl

Anurag Yadav is behind the creation of this blog. Being very creative and keen to explore Search Engine Optimisation techniques, Anurag curate unmatchable interesting and informative post.

Owner of prodigyowl, Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav

My vision is to make our readers more curious and feed them with the content which can answer all their questions as far as possible”

Anurag Yadav is a student and blogger. Anurag says a good student can only be a good blogger because blogging is continuous learning in real sense.