Benefits of going early to bed and waking up early

Benefits of going early to bed and waking up early
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Have you ever tried to find out why Ayurveda always insist to go to your bed early and wake up early? Of course, this came to your mind that’s why you are here on this page with the intent to get the answer to this question. Here in the following texts, I am going to tell you those amazing benefits that you should be aware of, in fact, everyone should be aware of the benefits of going early to bed and waking up early. These benefits will leave you surprised and you will follow this as your routine by your own without any further motivation.

How long you should sleep

Before the benefits of going early to bed and waking up early, it will be worth to discuss here how long a person should sleep. Persons sleeping hours vary according to the age, at a smaller age you need a longer sleeping schedule but as you grow older and older you can stay active by sleeping fewer hours.
here I have given the recommended sleeping hours for different age group persons.

  1. Newborns(0-3 months)  sleep range 14-17 hours each day 
  2. infants(4-11 months)  sleeping hours 12 to 15 hours 
  3. toddlers(1-2 years)  sleep range 11 to 14 hours 
  4. preschoolers(3-5 years) sleep range 10 to 13 hours 
  5. school-age children(6-13 years)  sleep range 9 to11 hours 
  6. teenager(14-17 years) sleep range 8 to 10 hours 
  7. young adults(18-25 years)  sleep range 7-9 hours 
  8. adult(26-64 years)  sleep range 7-9 hours 
  9. older adults(65+ years)  sleep range 7 – 8 hours

Early waking benefits

early morning (Bramha-Muhurta)

Brahma Muhurta is a period of about one and a half hours before Dawn. In Vedic traditions, this period is considered as the ideal time for spiritual practices like prayers and meditation. Waking up during Bramha-Muhurta also has many health benefits, the very first was written in an Ayurvedic textbook while explaining about the daily regimen to be followed for good health and long life is about the importance of Brahma Muhurta. In ashtanga Hirayama, it is clearly expressed or written as one should wake up in the Brahma muhurta for sustaining perfect health and for achieving a long life span as desired.
About an hour and a half before the sunrise a great Shift in Energy fills space. Hope, inspiration, and, peace manifest at this. This time is considered best for attaining Brahma Gyan or Supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. At this time the environment is pure and calm and soothing And The Mind is fresh after sleep. Meditation at this time improves mental performance that helps in increasing your productivity. Therefore it subdues mental irritations are hyperactivity and lethargy.

removes negativity

A study in 2014 determined that the people who go to bed later are more likely to be overwhelmed with repetitive negative thoughts and also the sleep disruption leads to more Pessimistic thoughts. A good night’s rest helps you to remove the negativity to live a better life.

Increase your Activeness

In the early morning, there is a high level of vital life energy which is also known as prana and the pollution is minimum at this time, therefore, it makes the atmosphere more cheerful which is considered to increase the effectiveness of body and mind

Help to Maintain good health

Vyayam and physical exercise comprise usually of some yoga pose like Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation and breathing exercises like Nadi shodhan Pranayam, but it can be anything including a walk or a swim. Early morning exercises remove stagnation in the body and mind, strengthen the digestive fire, reduce fat, give you an overall feeling of lightness and joy as it feels your body with good prana.

Reverses aging process

Turning our biological clock to the rising and setting of the sun, is the best way to reversing the aging process. Waking up during this Brahma Muhurta puts us in perfect synchronization to the natural clock. Because of the above time frame, the very first activity of the daily routine, that is rising should be done shortly before sunrise and in the vata period.  Vata is the principle of movements, so to wake up in this period ensure that Vata principal will be functioning properly.

Reduces stress

Nowadays people are living a more stressful life and are very much prone to hypertension and anxiety. One of the major cause of this hypertension and anxiety is their disturbed daily routine and waking up late in the morning after the sunrise. Persons who are affected by stress and hypertension are recommended to rise in the early morning and to meditate in the cheerful environment of early morning so as to reduce stress and hypertension.

Makes positive outlook

If you are waking up early in the morning and doing proper yoga and exercises it will lead to giving your body a more handsome look your skin will be more healthy because it gets in contact with the fresh morning air having high level of oxygen in it, therefore, nourishing the skin, also it increases your confidence and presentation level in front of the other person, it makes you more positive and filled with optimistic thoughts that in this way due to this optimism you can achieve bigger success in your life.

You get uninterrupted time

Another very important benefit of waking up early is that in the early morning the atmosphere is so calm and soothing which creates an environment filled with positivity and soothing silence. This is the time when you can get an uninterrupted period in which you can work better being more efficient and perform better in your task.

Recommendation by famous personalities

There are a lot of famous people who attribute much of their success to their habit of getting up early. From Ben Franklin to Richard Branson. It was Franklin who wrote the Famous poem early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Stephen Covey author of the best-selling self-help book “The 7 Habits of Effective People” wrote that finding uninterrupted blocks of time where you can really focus on things that are important to you is the key to success. Getting up early almost guarantees that your first two hours of the day are going to be uninterrupted time. You can use that time for doing exercises, meditating, doing your homework, educating yourself, starting a business or working on a long-term project like writing a book. you will be amazed at how much easier it is to focus and concentrate on thing in the morning after getting a good night sleep.

how to prepare yourself to wake up early

Everyone has his own biological cycle, the body resists if you try to change or disturb its biological cycle. Therefore it is very necessary and important as well to change your biological cycle gradually over a period of two weeks. Each day you should start going to bed 30 minutes earlier than the past day until you reach your goal. You should avoid watching TV for a longer duration or texting over social media for a longer hour or it can be talking over the phone for hours and anything else which is stopping you to go to your bed early. Also, you should avoid drink coffee at night before going to bed.

In my personal experience

Here under this section i want to share my personal experience with you. Recently i have developed a habit of waking up late in the morning but gradually due to waking up late it decreased my productivity and activeness also on waking up late I used to regret and hence become negative but believe me since I started waking up early I am able to live a very happy and optimistic life if you talk about the health benefit I will say due to waking up early morming i have developed a better digestive system.

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