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RSS feeds Blank about it! Let”s explore about RSS

Have you ever been in a problem where you have to visit each of your favourite websites one by one for being updated with the post or information that are getting posted over your favourite websites? If yes then RSS feeds is going to be a solution to your problem.

Here in this article, I will tell you about RSS. I will also tell you how you can use this service to make your task easy. After subscribing to RSS feeds, you need not visit all your websites separately. You can get all updates compiled at one place after reading this article.


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Contents through which you will move in this entire article is as follows:

  1. What is RSS?
  2. What is RSS feeds?
  3. RSS feed reader
  4. Some best RSS feed reader
  5. My favourite RSS feed reader
  6. How it can increase your efficiency

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. You can say this is a type of service through which we get regular feeds from the subscribed list of websites. Think of a situation where you are having a number of favourite websites, and you invest much of your time in going through contents that are being posted over them.

In this case, we wish to have a programme or application that can organize and gather the articles from all the different subscribed sources and view them in one place. This will save much of our time and work and will organize it in a most simple way making our task easy and interesting. This is what we use RSS for.

There are alternatives of the RSS also like email subscription and getting social media updates from our favourite website. But these are not much effective as compared to the RSS. Since in e-mail subscription it might be possible that your email reader marks the email from the subscribed website as spam. In this case, you may miss an important article.

In case of social media updates you have to check each platform to track the activities of the website of your interest and still, a probability persists that you may miss something important.

What is RSS Feeds?

While searching for the solution of this question about RSS Feeds we get to know about the role of an aggregator. You can think of an aggregator as it is something which aggregates or gathers the updates from subscribed websites. Aggregator takes it in one place so that your feed reader can read it and view it.

Whenever we open our feed reader we see the title of the lately posted articles on top. On opening it we can read a short description about the article and there happens to be a button asking us to visit the website to view full article. These short description of articles with their title is known to be an RSS feed.

RSS feed Readers

RSS Feed readers are applications or software by using which you can see the latest feeds in your smartphone or computer. Feed readers are available for both smartphone and pc.

In my personal opinion, it is more convenient to use it in the smartphone. There are some feed readers which are paid and available free with some limitations in their features.

Some best RSS feed readers

There are a lot of readers available on play store or internet, but there are some which seem to be more organised and show feeds in a more pleasant way. Hence they gives you great user experience.

Some of the best feed readers are listed as follows

My favourite RSS feed reader

When it comes to recommending best RSS Feed reader I always go with Feedly, one of my favourite feed readers. It is very simple to use and offers the best user interface. You can either go to your favourite website and click on RSS icon or you can also search for the specific website in the Feedly app. If that particular website offers RSS service it will be shown there. You can easily subscribe from there.

Here in Feedly, you can categorize your subscribed websites in a different category by assigning each site under a specific category. You can also make your own board and save your favourite article there.

How it can increase your efficiency

There can be a tremendous contribution of RSS in increasing your efficiency whether you are a general internet user or special such as blogger. If you are a blogger then it can save your lot of time and work.

In my experience, it has been a powerful time saver because I usually use RSS in my smartphone to search for topics to write on. I get updated by the content which is being posted regularly on my favourite websites.

Being a blogger you need to be more efficient and productive. Because blogging is very time consuming especially when it comes to article writing, you have to perform a lot of research work. RSS proved to be a great tool which can help you in this.


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