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Canva Android App, Create SEO friendly images for your blog

Images speak out the content of the blog, therefore, are very important for any content marketer. Here I have guided how a normal blogger can create SEO friendly images using the canva android app. Especially when you are a blogger you need to have original images and infographics. I have seen many bloggers especially the new ones using images directly from Google. For all of you, I want to say that you are performing an illegal activity. And you can get punishment for an infringement of copyright image.

By using the canva android app you can not only create your own images but also there are a lot of options to create high-quality infographics. All you have to do is to download the Canva Android App from google play store as shown in the picture below.

canva android app
The canva android app googles play store image.

So let’s start creating an image.

Introduction to Canva Android App

Canva app is very simple to use and it can create beautiful images in a few minutes. The benefit of using Canva is it provides a lot of royalty-free images to use. therefore you can use their images and shapes to design your unique image and infographic. One of the very big advantages is you can create images in your android smartphone. This saves a lot of time and work. You can create images for your blog post whenever it is not possible to use a laptop or Desktop.

Home Screen of Canva Android App

Before anything I tell you about User experience, user interface and benefits it is important to introduce the home screen of the app.

Canva android app home screen

Here on the left side, I have pasted a screenshot of the home screen of the canva android app. As you can see there is a section captioned as Explore Canva. Under this section, you are provided with a lot of options as to which type of image you want to create. Usually, these categories represent the size of the image you want to create. If you want to explore all available options or sizes tap on all categories.

I usually prefer creating images of business card size. All images that I have recently used for my blog are business card size and created using canva.

There are also customizable inbuilt templates and designs available in the app which you can use and make changes accordingly. Therefore it provides you a lot of options.

Step by Step guide to create SEO friendly Image using canva Android App

Now after introducing you to canva android app, its time to learn step by step process of creating SEO friendly Image.

Here in this tutorial, I have created the image of a business card size.

Step 1 to create an image using canva android app

create image using canva

After you open Canva, on the home screen you will find a button named “All Categories”. Click over that button.

canva android app tutorial

In the second step click over Business Card type as i have already mentioned I am creating the image of a business card size. It means the aspect ratio of the image will be the same as that of a business card.

Step 2 to create the image

create seo friendly image using canva

After selecting the business card type you will see something like the image on the left. Now click over “see all” option

Step 3 in image creation

canva android app tutorial

when you will select “see all”, it will show you all options available under the business card category. here you will find readymade templates and graphic designs. you can customize these readymade templates and create your own design.

But if want to create your personal image from scratch choose the blank sheet as indicated in the image.

Step 4 to create the image

create seo friendly image

After you click on the “blank sheet”. You will see a screen something like the image shown on the left-hand side.

Now lets understand the function of the buttons shown on the screen.

The Red arrow shows the area where you will see your image or slide.

The yellow arrow indicates the button from where you can navigate through your slide.

The green arrow indicates the button from where you can download your image.

The violet arrow indicates the button from which you can resize your design. But to resize the design you need to upgrade for the pro version.

The Orange arrow indicates the most important button. the functions of this button is explained in the next picture.

Step 5 of the process of creating the image

canva android app tutorial

When you tap over the plus button, a window will be opened as shown in the picture. Now each button in the window will provide you the essential elements which will be needed to design your graphic.

By using these tabs you can set background, text, image, video, and different illustrative figures in your picture.

So this how you can create your own pictures using the canva android app. A simple example of the image created using the app is the featured image used in this article. To make it more understandable I am posting it here again.

canva android app create SEO friendly images
Image created using Canva

Here in this image, I have used a solid yellow color as the background. I have used an illustrative figure of a girl holding a camera and written simple text in a specific font style. It hardly took 5 minutes for me to make this image. Now I can use this professional looking image on my blog without having any issue of copyright infringement.

Reviews on UI and UX of Canva Android app

Talking about the user interface and user experience the app, I will give 4 out of 5. In my personal opinion, the app is quite user-friendly. It has a very simple and easy to use functions. All I can say that the user interface is quite good. The experience of using it was quite good because i am able to create my own images within minutes. The most important part is I can make images using my smartphone anytime anywhere.

Canva creates SEO friendly images

The reason why I use and recommend to use canva to all my readers because it creates SEO friendly images. SEO friendly in the sense that images created using this app are very light images, therefore, they load faster. Page speed is very important when it comes about SEO. Sometimes when we enlarge the image created using canva it becomes a low-quality blurry image but that is to the extent which is acceptable.

Final Words

Canva is not the only one graphic designer but it is one of the best image creators. I have been using this for few months back and it seems a very good tool especially for bloggers. I will be keen to know what you are using to create your images. Comment below your favorite tool.

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