Five useful tips while preparing for iit jee

Five useful tips while preparing for iit jee

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Hello readers before preparing for IIT JEE it is very important to know things to be kept in mind since you are thinking  to crack IIT JEE .Let me make you clear that cracking IIT JEE is not an easy task, you are tested on every ground by this competition exam.You have to be mentally tough ,persisted and should have strong willpower. Your character is tested; that is how tough you are in taking the problems that you will face during your preparation journey.

 Make sure you gather all relevant information regarding IIT JEE

Since you are going to set an all India competition therefore it is very necessary to gather all the information about IIT JEE since as exam pattern eligibility criteria syllabus 17 when you will be fully aware of the exam then you will be able to visualise to your goal fully and by this your preparation will begin systematically

Avoid all rumours and miss belief prevailing in our society regarding IIT JEE

 IIT JEE is tough but not that much that we usually hear around us .It is an achievable task with constant effort and practice people generally make it so hyper that it makes the new student to clear by its name but being positive and preparing in right direction in right guidance you can achieve that what seems unachievable to you.

Select right study material 

Since syllabus is so vast for a student who is coming from 10th standard therefore it should be clear to the student that what he should study. Usually it has been seen that student coming from 10th standard prefer to run behind the books and there are lot of books of each topic available in the market and end up in messing things up and hence here their progress gets terminated.Hence choose right study material  and then only start preparing.

Always be positive and don’t keep any expectation during the course of preparation

I highly recommend you to be positive and not to keep any kind of Expectations.Generally students starts dreaming during preparation and start living in the virtual world and fail badly. there will be time your talent will be questioned by others but I advise you to be calm and prepare efficiently and stay motivated.

Follow Healthy lifestyle 

Following a Healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance in our such long duration preparation like IIT and Jee, if you get un- healthy even for a week it will affect your preparation adversely and break your Rhythm and you will lack behind therefore it is very necessary to be healthy always and try to avoid all those factors which makes you and healthy.

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