Google Adsense Approval guide from scratch

Google Adsense Approval process, My Own Experience

Hi there, welcome to prodigyowl. Today I am going to share my own experiences of Google Adsense approval process. There are soo much talks about google Adsense approval, therefore, I decided to experiment with the google adsense approval process. My aim was to guess actual minimum requirements that needed to be fulfilled so as to get approved.

In this article, I have not tried to explain to you policies that google Adsense published on its website. I am here to narrate you the situations in which I got rejected. Finally how they approved my application.

Here comes a series of tests that I performed and applied for Google Adsense.

My first application for Google Adsense Approval

Before moving for a self-hosted website I have created a website on blogger. Therefore I got domain and googles free hosting. I have chosen the Blogspot free theme. There on that website, I published approximately 22 posts. The posts were very short of about 300 to 400 words. I have not created any page such as contact us, about us, and privacy policy page. After one week I was allowed by Google Adsense to sign up. But after signing up I have not got any response from Adsense team for 2 months. It seemed that they completely neglected to review the application. Therefore I cancelled the application.

Second Test for Google Adsense Approval

For the second time, I downloaded a free theme named and customized it. This time I created pages such as contact us, about us, and privacy policy. One important thing that I want to mention here that I generated a free privacy policy from the web. So if any of you might have generated a free privacy policy you must have noticed they drop a link to their website. They also put a sentence saying that this privacy policy is generated from their website for free. Also the theme that I used had a link pointing to it’s makers. This time I got website under construction error from the Adsense team.

My third attempt for Google Adsense approval

This time I removed whatever I had published that is all the posts and started creating long articles. Articles were of 1600 words approximately. One thing that should be mentioned clearly that in one or two posts I have taken words from other websites. Also I bought a custom domain this time and remained on googles hosting. This time I had posted 13 articles and applied again for Adsense. This time the error that I got was of scrapped content error.

Forth attempt to approve Google Adsense

For the fourth time, I changed the paragraphs that I mentioned previously. I also removed the URL of the website from which I generated the free privacy policy. After checking for the scrapped content I reapplied for the adsense. This time the error was insufficient content error.

Applying for the fifth time

For this time I migrated my website on a self-hosted server. I changed the complete layout of my website. Applied different theme to my website. I have written 18 articles this time. And applied to Adsense again. This time error was content policy violation.

Final application and approval of Google Adsense

A very important thing to be mentioned here is that I had written an article over “VPN proxy”. This time I deleted this article, written one more article and applied again for the Adsense. This time they approved my application.

Important takeaways from the above-listed failures

Since nothing is clear when we talk about the processing of google. Therefore I never tried to assert the specific criteria for approval of AdSense. Instead I tried to guess the probable conditions that are needed to be fulfilled.

Conclusions that I have drawn from the rejection of Google adsense are as follows.

Have a custom domain

Since Google wants it’s publishers to be trusted and authoritative therefore it is very good to have custom domain name. I am not saying that on Blogspot you can’t get approved but having custom domain name increases your authority.

Create original enough content

Content is the most important part of any website. Therefore having original, useful and outstanding content is necessary. You must be familiar to google panda algorithm update, therefore, you should have an error-free content on your website. Always try to give complete information and never copy it from any other source.

Copying from any other source not only puts you in danger zone of google but it will also harm your own future growth in the business. Working honestly you may find a more profitable way which also can offer you a lot of growth opportunities.

Your website should contain sufficient amount of content. I will recommend you to have at least 18 long articles. Therefore your articles should contain more than 1000 words each.

Have professional looking privacy policy

If you have generated a free privacy policy, I recommend you to remove link to the policy generators site because it gives a less professional look to your website. You may also think that many like you might have generated the same privacy policy before which can lead to duplicate content creation. To make it clear I want to state that Google does not account privacy policy, contact us and About us page to show duplicate and thin content issue

Optimize the appearance of your website

Your website should look professional. It should be a neat and clean website. Therefore you should apply a good theme. If you are using a free theme which contain a link to the theme creator, it will not be a problem in approval of the application.

Stop worrying about traffic

According to me traffic is not a bigger deciding factors in approval of adsense. If you are getting a few visitors on your site, feel free to apply for adsense.

Check for important pages

About us, Contact us, and Privacy policy pages are must have pages. You website should surely contain these pages if you want your application to be approved.

Publish acceptable content

I will advise you to go through the content policy of google once. Some contents are there which stop your application to be approved.

Final words

No one can be so certain about the google because it keeps on changing and updating itself continuously. If you are following the above-listed instruction then there is 95% chance that you will get your application approved.

I have tried to provide the best possible advice regarding Google AdSense approval. Comment below and share it with your friends if you find it useful.

3 Replies to “Google Adsense Approval process, My Own Experience”

  1. Do you really think these methods are useful to get adsense approval. I am trying to get adsense approval for one of my wallpaper website that i am planning for this festival season but all my efforts are not materialized. What else I can do. Please guide me

    1. Hi, Samriddhi I will recommend you to go through Google Adsense content policy and quality guidelines and check your website original and valuable content. Also, I would like to mention is to have enough content. All I can say that your website should look authoritative and professional. Remember It is not a computer programme which looks for certain criteria to approve your application, it is a google employee who checks your website manually therefore design your website to provide greate User Experience. I personally failed so much time, so, dont get demotivated give your best you will surely get approved. Dont forget to follow guidelines I have given above.

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