How to prepare for iit jee to get best jee result in case if you can not afford to join coaching

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There are so many iit jee aspirants who find it difficult to join coaching for iit jee preparation be it financial reason or anything else. We are considered with the ways through which we can handle this problem. A lot of students become hopeless if they were not able to join coaching, there is a disbelief in their in mind that without coaching they are not in competition with the students who are enrolled in coaching to prepare for iit jee. I am very much sure that after reading this post you will be able to find out the efficient ways to prepare for the exam without taking the aid of any coaching institute.

Role of a coaching institute in preparation

First of all, it is very important to know the role of a coaching institute when a student prepares for iit jee. According to me, coaching institute plays a very nominal but important roll in the preparation of the only you have to understand that very nominal but important role after that you alone will be enough for the preparation of the iit jee exam.

Following are the important role which the coaching institute play during your preparation

Coaching guide you throughout your preparation journey 

It is a very important role of the coaching institute. Teachers and mentors always guide you throughout your preparatory journey, for instance, they will advise you how to study what to study and how much attention should be given to a particular topic.they will familiarize you to the difficulties you will face during the preparation. This seems very normal and insignificant but on real ground, it is very important and significant. If you know how to study what to study and fully aware of difficulties and way to counter them, then you can prepare on your own.

Avail you proper study material

Coaching institute makes proper study material available to you. Sometimes it has been seen that lot of newbies run behind a lot of books of physics chemistry and maths which are available in markets but end up in a very irritating mess and spend much of their valuable time by studying from here and there. Therefore in my advice, everyone who wants to prepare for IIT JEE before starting the preparation for the exam Should collect right study material to study for the different subjects that are physics chemistry Maths

Familiarize you with the competitive environment 

Another important role that the institute plays is to familiarize you with the competitive environment that you will face during your jee exam be it jee main or jee advance. Coaching conducts regular test series and publishes your rank on notice board compelling you to perform better. Questions asked in the test series are already of a higher level than the actual exam, therefore, it inculcates tendency to learn by your failures.

Conducts regular doubts classes 

A good institute conducts regular doubts classes and teachers always try to solve your doubts and clear your concepts which are difficult for you. But according to me, it did not help much because most of you will be engaged in clearing your concepts and will have very less time for doubt classes if your concepts are not cleared previously.
Note that it is all your effort in the right direction which pays you off in the end. It is the level of hard work which you perform during your preparation being in right guidance which decides your all India rank.

Now when you clearly know the role of a coaching institute in iit jee preparation, you must have thought about the alternative of coaching institute which can serve you these roles while you being at your home.

All best alternatives that you can use in case when you can’t join the coaching irrespective of the reason.

 Collect the right study material

If you want to prepare without the help of coaching then you will have to collect the right study material because it is very important to study by relevant study material. The syllabus is very vast for a high school student, therefore, it is important to research for right study material prior to the starting of preparation.

Remain updated with exam news

It is wise and important as well to remain updated with the latest news and updates regarding the exam. You can get regular updates regarding the exam on the official website of jee main and jee advance. Coaching institutes always display any of the latest news about the exam on their notice board that’s why a student who has joined the coaching institute always remain updated with the exam. Reason to emphasize this is because jee board keeps on changing rules and procedures so to avoid any further problem you should remain updated.

You can use youtube to study

The Internet can be your best teacher in the case when you are not able to join any coaching institute. There is a lot of information about jee main and jee advance and solutions of almost every problem that you will face during your preparation. You can use youtube also where there are so many lectures videos are available for example you can subscribe to Mohit sir youtube channel for complete 11th 12th mathematics of jee level, adding more you can also join many of online test series made available by many renowned coaching in this field. You can also subscribe physics galaxy to prepare physics.

Keep a check over your board preparation

It is very important to pay constant and steady attention over your board preparation because if board preparation disturbs you will automatically lack confidence and it is more probable that you will terminate your preparation in the end due to the pressure of board examination. In order to avoid this situation, you should include NCERT books in the chosen list of study materials to prepare for jee exam.

Join online test series

To get familiar with the competitive environment of the exam you should join an online test series of a reputed coaching institute. By joining the online test series you will also be able to check your speed and accuracy as well. In this type of online test series, you will also get your ranking and can speculate your progress regarding the exam.

Study according to the demands of the exam

You should always study according to the need and demand of the exam, for example, competitive exams like jee main and jee advance demand concept clarity in each subject rather than byhearting the things,therefore you should always try to build your concept in each subject so that you can tackle the tricky concepts in the question.

So now I think you are well aware of what you can do if you cant join coaching. Follow me for more tips regarding iit jee from time to time. Comment if this helped you.

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