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12 Long Tail Keyword finders you should know

Being well aware of the importance of long-tail SEO, no one can avoid using it. But the problem is where you can find them. Here in this article, I have compiled a list of long-tail keyword finders that everyone should surely know. These are free long-tail keyword tools which everyone can use to perform the long-tail research. Smart use of these long-tail keyword finders will let you rank well in Google in a short period of time. I myself use these free long-tail keyword finders for my keyword research.

Google AutoComplete Long-Tail keyword finder

image of Google autocomplete result
Box of Google Autocomplete results

The most used search engine worldwide is Google. So it will best to use google autocomplete feature to find long-tail keywords. Google guess your query when you type in the search box on the basis of the data it collected from billions of search performed about that query. So Google knows what people are searching. This is what we need to curate our content.

People Also ask box

"people also ask", Google featured Snippet

You must have seen a lot types of featured snippets floating in google search result pages. One of them is “people also ask” box. This box can be very useful while doing our keyword research. It displays related questions people are asking related to the query searched. You can find a bunch of related long-tail keyword to describe a head keyword fully.

Searches Related to

"Searches Related to" in google SERP

Whenever we search for any query in google, we get “search related to” box at the bottom of the search result page. These related searches can be used as long-tail keywords in the blog post. You will also get an idea of what your target audience is searching for. You can also see what words they are using. In this way guess the user intent behind the query to deliver the best ever user experience.

Tip: put your initial headword in the search bar and look into for searches related to. Now put the keyword taken from the related search box in the search box Again. Repeat this until you get your best keyword.

Keywordstool.io long-tail keyword finder

Keywordstool.io is one of the best long-tail keyword generators. You can use this tool for free to find relevant long-tail keywords of the searched headword. But if you want to get CPC, monthly searched volume, keyword difficulty, etc, you have to upgrade it for the pro version.

Answer the public, Long tail keyword generator

One of the favorite long tail keyword generator. What I like most about it is the way keywords are shown. Pretty pleasing diagrammatic representation of keyword. It shows the keywords which are searched by the people worldwide. But one negative point is that it does not show search metrics along with the keywords.


You can’t ignore this tool if you are doing SEO. It is a complete tool which beginners, as well as experienced, can use. It is completely free. Ubersuggest is owned by Neil Patel. Anyone can use it to find the best long-tail keywords. the best part is it offers a lot more information like CPC, keyword difficulty, paid difficulty, etc. It even offers suggestions to rank for the keyword.

Basically, Ubersuggest offers

  1. Keyword overview
  2. Keyword Idea
  3. Content Idea

In keyword overview, it gives details about single keywords

A list of keywords is provided in keyword idea

Posts, articles that are ranking for that keyword is shown in content idea section. You can read these contents and write more information-rich article on that keyword.

Look threads in online forums

It is very logical to curate content on what people are asking for in your niche. Therefore one should try to take a look at online forums and make a list of questions over a similar topic. Then write an appealing title and try to answer all the queries in your article in the best way.

You can promote your article in these forums also.

Here is some tips to find forums of your niche.

  • In Google search bar you can type “keyword” + “forum” Or “keyword” + “board”
  • You can otherwise search “keyword” + discussions

Google Autosuggest

It is a tool offered by KTD (keywords tool dominator). The Google Autocomplete tool is a free keyword tool used to find long-tail keywords directly from Google Search. You can type headword in the search bar and click over search. It fetches keywords result in one box and you can make your keyword list in another box to download it.

Soovle long-tail keyword research tool

It is an important too in this list. Soovle has a very good user interface. It has a very neat and clean design and provides a very good user experience. It fetches data from a lot of sources like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, Yahoo, etc

Warning: pick keywords carefully as it lists keywords from sources from which you may not need your desired keyword.

Google trends

Google trends can be very helpful in long-tail keyword SEO, as you can find trending terms related to your niches and guess how that keyword will perform in the future.

Using Google trends you can find last 12 months trends of keyword, last 24 hour trends and much more information for your SEO campaign.


Quora can be used smartly to generate ideas for content creation as well as ideas of long-tail keywords. There are a lot of people posting questions and answers on quora. Therefore it is very helpful. Use the search bar to search your query, you will be shown a lot of results.


You can join communities belonging to your niche on Reddit where you will get ample of ideas of long-tail keywords. Pick keywords from there and put it in any on your favorite tool and get search metrics. Now decide which one to use as your main keyword.

Tip: you can also use forums and communities to promote your article by contributing in them. But make links with caution.

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