Why you need to know about mobile phone radiation?

Why you need to know about mobile phone radiation?

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what is cell phone radiation

Before knowing about the cell phone radiation, it is important to know about what we mean by the term radiation. If you talk about radiation, it is energy that is traveling through space in the form of waves. Radio Communication which we are using nowadays in the form of mobile phones that is wireless telephones is based on electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic waves. They are actually existing in the space because of the transmitters and receivers installed in the cell phone towers and also in the cell phones, which are emitting waves 24 *7 and we are getting bombarded by these radiations. Radiation also comes from the earth, from space. or even within our own body. some experts suggest that a little radiation is a good thing and we all know of its uses in Medical Science to combat and diagnose some illnesses.
The type of radiation emitted from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation, it is present in the mobile because they use radio frequency waves to make and receive calls with the help of radio waves transmitters and receivers installed in them.
But the amount of radiation transmitted by the mobile phones is considered to be very small, as emissions are from very low power and mobile radiation is short-range radiation.

Why you should be careful of mobile phone radiation

It has been found in long and extensive research on this topic that there is no conclusive evidence that using a mobile phone causes harmful effects in humans over the long term.

But the studies have shown that exposure to RF waves emitted from mobile waves of electromagnetic radiation or radio frequency can cause health problems:

  1. Long-term mobile phone use can increase your blood pressure slightly when you use it and the pressure returns to normal when you stop using your mobile phone.
  2. Long mobile phone usage causes brain warming and disappears as soon as you stop using your phone and it does not harm you
  3. You can feel mild tiredness after very long use of mobile phones
  4. Recent Swedish study suggested that acoustic neuromas or acoustic nerve tumors are less common in mobile phone users than non-mobile users.
As there is no evidence that using a mobile phone can cause

  • Tumors
  • memory impairment
  • Cancer
  • Brain damage
  • Foetal damage
The health risk is considered to be very very small. Although some individuals may be more susceptible to radiation than others.
But it is true that mobile does radiate low doses of radiation, so it is very important to take precautions when using mobile phones.

How to check mobile phone radiation

When buying a new smartphone, almost every one of us goes by the smartphone’s specification or price, but there are other things to consider before buying a smartphone. One such thing is checking the smartphone’s radiation level. So it’s very important to check smartphone’s radiation or SAR value before you buy it.
If you want to know the radiation level of their smartphone here’s how to do it
Steps to follow to check the SAR value:

  1. Open the dialer of your smartphone
  2. Now type the code *#07#
  3. The smartphone will now show the SAR rating of the smartphone

Prevention steps to reduce exposure to phone radiation

  1. Try not to chat for hours and you need to get a free hand kit if you have to chat for a long time.
  2. Handsfree headset reduces dramatically the emissions of radiation into the brain.
  3. Moving your phone 20 cm from your head reduces the dose of radiation by 98 percent, so instead of putting it under your pillow when you go to bed, leave the phone at the table’s bedside.
  4. Children’s developing brains are most susceptible to radiation and it absorbs radiation level three times more than in adults, therefore, it is very important to take care when children’s are concerned.

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