How to write your first blog post

Write your first blog post after reading this article

Learning to write your first blog post is very important because the content is the soul of your blog. Every SEO campaign is based on the content that you will provide to your visitors. It is the content which decides whether your SEO efforts will be fruitful or not. Therefore you can’t avoid learning to write your first blog post.

Follow this guide till the end believe me you are going to get something different. I will be guiding here how you can write an outstanding post. The post which will turn a random visitor to a regular reader of your blog. I will also explain how you will optimize your blog post for search engines.

So go through this entire guide and write unmatchable posts.

The First Step to Write Your First Blog Post

The first step before writing your first blog post is to understand what blogging is all about. It is very important to know before I tell you how to write your blog post.

Blogging is a very personal thing. Your blog posts reflect your personality, your understanding, about the topic. It is your own way of sayings and representing the topic. Therefore after reading your blogs one should get clear picture of your personality.

There would have been hundreds of posts about the same topic on which you are writing. But think about how it can be different from others. Even data and the fact that you are using might be the same.

One way it can be is if you can narrate you’re the mental picture of the topic. Now the effectiveness of your blog will depend on how strong your grasp is about the topic.

Can the use of visuals make your article different in the crowd

I have seen many suggesting the use of visuals can give you a unique identity. But think rationally if you can use visuals then your competitor can also use them. Because resources are available to everyone. It is you who makes your blog post different.

Resources can be available to all but the way you use it can be different. Therefore your blog should be your identity. It should reflect your personality.

Is it enough to have a unique identity?

Now if you decided to be unique then try to fetch the answer of the following question.

Is it enough to have a unique identity?

No, surely not, because identity can be of two types. Good identity and bad identity. Or we can say that you can be unique in two ways, either you be the best or you will be the worst.

Obviously, everyone wants to be best and you might want to learn the way you can be the best. Hence it is clear that being unique is not enough at all, you have to be unique in the best way possible.

How you can write the best post

In this section, I want to answer the question raised in the above section. You might be thinking there are a lot more experts presents in every field that you can think of. Often for every beginner this becomes a demotivating factor.

My reply to this question is, there are far more information consumers are there having a different understanding level. There will be a lot more readers which will be comfortable with you but feel difficult to understand expert.

Now as I already said blogging is all about depicting our own self. You should not care about others. But of course, you should be the best in your style. Therefore you should work on yourself to hone your own skill and style.

How you can write your first blog post example

Now I want to demonstrate how I write my blog post. I always aim to write the best unique article that originally reflects my understanding of the topic. To write the best text possible, I first prefer reading top 10 ranking articles. I collect data and facts about the topic. I try to understand in my own way. The first task is to get answers to all those questions which raise in my mind. The difficulty level of the topic gives me the idea that how it should be written.

The last line is very important because understanding the concept myself gives me an indication where others might feel the problem. I analyze deeply and ponder over the topic.

Now after doing all these, I start writing. I write whatever I grasped and analyzed. In this way, I produce my original content even writing on the most familiar topic. Topics which are having top of content already piled on the web. This hard work in creating content gives me confidence that even writing on most competitive topics I will find my readers.

one fine advises that I want to give to all my readers especially bloggers, be honest to your work always. I am not having any motivational talk with you. In fact, I hate motivational talks. Because simple words and saying can not get you anything. It is the hurdles which keep you going. I simply want you to understand you can create being honest with your work. It might be possible doing hard work you can find a way which can take you to the top.

I mentioned that because I find a lot of bloggers searching an easy way of doing everything. Always bear in mind an easy way can not take you longer.

Optimize your blog post for search engines

Till now I guided you to optimize your post for readers. Now follow these steps to optimize it for Search Engines.

Include the keyword in the post title

You should write an appealing title of the post including your main keyword. It would be best if you include your keyword at the beginning of the title. Instances have shown that keywords used at the beginning of the title rank better. Your title should neither be too long nor too short. It should be of medium length. Your title should be able to take the attention of a random visitor.

Paragraphs should be properly optimized

Paragraphs of your article should be properly optimized. The first paragraph should contain your main keywords for at least two times. Headings of paragraphs should contain the main keyword. Readability of paragraphs should be good. Paragraphs should be of medium length neither too big nor of few lines.

Avoid spelling and grammatical errors

An article having spelling and grammatical errors is considered to be of low quality. And we all know about the Google Panda algorithm which punishes low-quality article. Therefore it is very important to avoid spelling and grammatical errors.

Write detailed and complete article

You should always try to write a full and detailed article. Information should be complete and clear in itself. After reading your articles your reader’s questions should all be answered.

So, I think now you have basics in your head. Now you can proceed with writing your article.

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