writing blog post preparation tips

Writing blog post, best preparation tips

Every digital marketer advises writing blog posts which are 10 times better than any other post on the same topic. Therefore it is very important to know how to prepare to write blog posts that are the best. Preparing before writing a blog post is one of the very important tasks. Therefore one should pay much attention to planning to write blog posts.

Here In this article, I will be sharing some of the best preparation tips so that you can produce the best content ever. Creating content is one of the important SEO techniques. Therefore without wasting much of our time let’s jump over the recommended tips.

Writing blog post keeping your reader’s interest in mind

Your content is worthless if it does not satisfy your reader. It is useless to put a lot of effort into creating beautiful looking content. According to me, beauty of the content is hidden in your reader’s satisfaction. Therefore I always recommend considering your reader’s interest whenever you plan to curate an article.

Better you know your content consumer, the better you can produce. There can be different ways to present a topic. Choose the way which is most suitable for your audience. Consider the example of my website, I serve content to a group of people who are pretty smart internet users. So I can use terminologies that are hard to understand for a common internet user. Instead, if I may be having a blog for common people then I must have to keep in mind about the words I may be using in my post.

This is my personal experience that blogs are having posts that are easy to understand for target audience tend to be more successful.

Support your words with examples while writing a blog post

Here I want you to be genuine and authentic. Therefore I will always recommend that whatever you say to your target audience support it with facts and example. Always keep in mind winning your audience trust is the ultimate goal of creating extraordinary content. And according to me, this is not so tough if you being honest with whatever you are saying. In simple words, you will have facts to support your words if they are true.

Collect relevant contents about the topic to write a blog post

Before writing any post I prefer collecting all the relevant material about the topic. What I do is to save all the top posts shown in the Google SERPs. Now in the next step select the posts providing unique and comprehensive information. Reject posts with similar kinds of information.

After doing all these search quora, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and all other online communities and forums about the topic. This will help you to know what people actually need about the topic. This will also give you an idea about the format of presenting your article. Now after doing all these tasks you have enough material for your blog.

Pro tip: try to include statistics, facts, graphs, and visuals of the data you are writing. This will help you to win your readers trust

Research extensively about the topic

Now when you have collected all the relevant materials about the topic on which you have to write, it’s time to research over that. My advice is to read all the collected material. You have to be conceptually and factually strong on the topic.

I don’t want you to stop here after reading and understanding the information. Now in the next step, you have to ponder over the topic. I strongly believe that you will find some of the new things to include in your article.

Draft story of the article

I will always recommend you to draft the story of your article. It will help you to define the ultimate goal of your article. By doing this you will be able to give definite shape to your article. If it seems a little hard to understand let me tell you this in another way with example.

Let’s suppose I am writing this article. I have a definite goal in my mind that I have to tell what you have to do before you write your blog post. Here I am always taking care not to deviate from my goal. Now just see the content flow of my article, you will find that it is taking you towards the goal step by step.

Let’s suppose if I change the order of subheadings it will be a messy article. So my advice is to create a well-structured article taking your reader to the defined goal.

Gather Media for your blog post

Now after when you have designed the body of your article you might have got some idea about how many and what type of media you have to use in your article. Always use original and your own images and other media forms in your blog post. I recommend you to read the complete guide to create SEO friendly images using canva android app. In this complete guide, I have shown how you can create your own professional looking image using your smartphone.

One more thing that I want to mention here is never forgetting to mention the source from where you have taken the image and other media to use in your blog. Always prefer using royalty-free media in your blog post to avoid having any copyright issues.

Try to resolve queries of your readers

Optimizing content according to your readers is one of the most significant parts of search engine optimization. In the second step where you have researched the topic, you must have discovered some of the questions. Now when you write your article try including all those questions and answer them in your article. Try to group similar type of questions and make a subheading which resolves queries of that group of questions. Therefore in this way, you will cover one of the most important parts of search engine optimization.

Pro tip: when you will include questions from Quora, Reddit, and other online communities, it will help you promote your article in these communities. You can refer people to your article to get the answer to their query.

Write as if you are talking

After doing all the works suggested above the final step is to write your article. Your article language should be grammatically correct and words should be spelled correctly. In my opinion, you should write your article as if you are talking to your reader because this increases the engagement of the reader in the article. Hence the user tends to spend more time on your website.


Creating the best content is not an easy task. It demands a lot of hard work, research, and patience. Creating content is the toughest part of blogging. I see a lot of people failing to blog because they fail to create content. Also, there are some who opt to copy-paste from different sources. No doubt it is tough but believe me, it will give you a lot more than it takes if you are a bit smarter in your work.

I am sure that you must have enjoyed this article. And I am sure if you follow these tips you will succeed.

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